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Weekly Update (9/19- 9/24)

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

This is your weekly MUSIC DEPARTMENT update!

Hello Folks!

First off, I want to give my thanks to everyone who has already helped with the Baker County Fair Concession Stand fundraiser. So far the boosters has already raised nearly $4000 in profit! That is pretty insane! I'm so thankful for everyone's hard work in this endeavor. I know that the added time commitment during this week is tough, but the benefits for our kids and our band programs far exceed the drawbacks. Thank you for all your hard work! If you haven't already, sign up for a shift using the following link:


Letter to Everyone-- (PLEASE READ)

As we get ready to head into Homecoming and Competition season, I wanted to have a brief conversation with everyone about October.

Generally/ Historically, October has been a tense month for our band. Students are tense because it is competition season and the vast majority of our high- profile events happen this month, which results in getting tired and stressed. Parents are tense because of the large influx of band events that happen one after the other which adds pressure to the family dynamic. Staff is tense because they are trying to push students past their limits, and clean and attend to details that go beyond the scope of the parents and students.

Having already experienced a tiny peak in tensions this past week, I want to remind everyone of a few things:

  1. Keep your eyes on the prize. I find that around this time many people lose sight of the bigger picture of being a part of a program like Band. It is not about the individual-- it is about the whole. Being in band is about being a part of something bigger than one's self, and it is about the path of the journey we take that creates healthy challenges that will develop your children to have grit and tenacity. We all have something to contribute to band, and everyone needs to pull their fair share. Remember that we're doing everything that we do because we care about serving our community and representing Baker County well. Because we have set the standard of "Superior" last year, we now have an idea of how much work is involved with maintaining that reputation.

  2. Kindness and tact go a long way. There is no good reason to be mean- spirited toward anyone. We believe in Respect in our band program. On the other hand, everyone is dealing with the same band- related stressors AND personal- life stressors. It will be important that we learn to give grace to others. Keep your mouth shut in the moment. If you need to (in the words of another great band director), type/ write your thoughts while you are "hot", then come back later to those thoughts, edit them, and send them when you have cooled down. No rational thought will leave the mouth of a person who is emotional. Work harder to let unimportant comments/ actions "roll off" your back.

  3. Stay in your lane. Know your role. Occasionally, we will attempt to take on roles not meant for us, which leads to contempt. Just bear in mind what your own responsibilities are, and stick to those. You may be trying to be helpful, but it will be for the best that the people who are charged with responsibility are the ones to carry out that charge. If you ARE a responsible party, stay diligent in your duties.

  4. You are going to be busy. Get a planner. Now more than ever, your time management skills are going to be challenged. You need to stay organized, and even MORE importantly, you need to sort your priorities. Make sure your schedule gives adequate priority to band this month (because your peers are depending on you), but also to your school work, and other primary items. Have a 3 hour long project due in two weeks? Try doing 30 minutes of dedicated work on it every two days. Ancillary things don't need your attention. Try to delegate-- are you able to pass off certain items to others who are more able to handle them? The thing about being busy is that it's often not the number of things that causes the stress for us, but our inability to prioritize and process through them. Not all of your items are due on the same day, and usually you have more time than you think.

  5. It's Just Band. Please don't make me kick myself for saying this. Band is not end- all- be- all. It doesn't have to be all encompassing. Mr. Moore chose to make band everything for himself... because he is passionate about it and can handle the drawbacks of it. In other words, band is simply NOT that serious in the grand scheme of things. I'm not asking for you to make band your everything, just to give it it's necessary time. Band is a lot, but it's only going feel absurd during October. Don't take everything on yourself. Instead of having a few take on a lot more, why not have everyone just take on a little more? You want to know what IS more important in the grand scheme of things? The relationships and connections you build with your peers. The memories you make together. Working hard because it's fun to move in the same direction with your friends towards a common goal.

You've come a long way, folks. Keep your momentum up and you will be just fine. You are closer to the top of the mountain than you think.


September/ October at- a- glance


Solo and Ensemble Music Orders PlacedSeptember 19th

All State AuditionsSeptember 24th

Dairy Queen Band NightOctober 3rd- 3:30pm to 9pm


After School RehearsalSeptember 20th- 4pm to 7pm

After School RehearsalSeptember 22nd- 4pm to 7pm

After School Rehearsal (Chris Creswell Joins Us!)September 27th- 4pm to 7pm

After School RehearsalOctober 4th- 4pm to 7pm

After School RehearsalOctober 6th- 4pm to 7pm

After School RehearsalOctober 11th- 4pm to 7pm

After School RehearsalOctober 13th- 4pm to 7pm

After School RehearsalOctober 14th- 4pm to 7pm

After School RehearsalOctober 18th- 4pm to 7pm

After School RehearsalOctober 20th- 4pm to 7pm

After School RehearsalOctober 25th- 4pm to 7pm

The Last Marching After School Rehearsal of 22/23October 27th- 4pm to 7pm


AWAY vs. Viera HS (Pep Band Only)September 23rd- 3pm

Homecoming Parade/ Cat GrowlSeptember 29th- 4pm

HOME vs. West Nassau HS (Homecoming/ Alumni Night)September 30th- 4pm

Show Day @ Tocoi Creek HSOctober 1st- 10am

Show Day @ Fleming Island HSOctober 8th- (Call Time TBA)

AWAY vs. Yulee HSOctober 14th- 4pm

Show Day @ Ridgeview HSOctober 15th- 10am

AWAY vs. Andrew Jackson HSOctober 21st- 4pm

HOME vs. Fernandina Beach HS (Senior Night/ Rookie Night)October 28th- 4pm



Things to Note 🎵:

Sign Up to Volunteer at Away Games/ Competitions

Band Parents--

If you'd like to volunteer to chaperone for away football games or competitions, please utilize this sign up. Thanks!

Show Day @ Tocoi Creek HS

Our first competition will be at Tocoi Creek HS on Saturday, October 1st! Here is a link to the itinerary which will be updated periodically as we get closer to the performance date.

Show Day @ Ridgeview HS

Our third competition will be at Ridgeview HS on Saturday, October 15th! Here is a link to the itinerary which will be updated periodically as we get closer to the performance date.


After School Activities this Week:


  • Solo and Ensemble Music Orders/ Proof Due (A Quarterly Project Requirement)


  • After School Rehearsal – 4pm to 7pm


  • No Activities Scheduled


  • After School Rehearsal – 4pm to 7pm


  • Away vs. Viera HS – 3pm Call Time/ Food

    • Pep Band Only!

    • We will plan to wear our "Pep Uniform". This includes:

      • Band Ball Cap (Winds wear it forward, Percussion wears it backwards)

      • Band Shirt

      • Black Shorts (You'll don your Bibbers over this)

      • Black Socks

      • Band Shoes


  • All State Auditions

    • Please wish Makenna Payne good luck as she goes to Fort Clarke Middle School in Gainesville for her All State Audition at 2:00pm!

Birthday Announcements!

By the way, I base birthday announcements on what I can see on the Band App, so if you would like to be recognized for your birthday on the weekly announcements, please make sure your Birthday is set to PUBLIC on the Band App.

According to Band App, there are no birthdays this week..... 😔

Let's have a great week everyone!


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