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Weekly Update (5/17- 5/21)

This is your weekly MUSIC DEPARTMENT update!

Hello Folks!

We are coming upon our last few events for the school year. I can’t believe we’re almost done, folks. Wow. Though this year was a struggle in different ways, it has been a pleasure to watch my students rise to the occasion through every obstacle. Also, it’s always rewarding to watch my students grow and mature not just as musicians but as people. I truly can’t wait to do it all over again!

A reminder—Preregistration is due this Tuesday, the 18th! Preregistration is $25 and it comes out of next years’ band dues. If you wanted to go ahead an get all of band dues out of the way, then you would pay $100.

If you are a parent of an upcoming freshman, don’t forget to include an additional $30 for band shorts and band shoes.

Things to Note ♫ :

May at- a- glance




Pomp and Circumstance Rehearsal (8th Graders Invited) -- May 18th- 3pm to 5pm

Pomp and Circumstance Rehearsal (8th Graders Invited) -- May 20th- 3pm to 5pm


Graduation- May 21st- 5:30 Call Time, 7:00 Graduation Starts

Activities This Week:


· No After School Activities


· Pomp and Circumstance Rehearsal- 3:00pm- 5pm


· No After School Activities


· Pomp and Circumstance Rehearsal- 3:00pm- 5pm


· Graduation

o 5:30pm Call Time

Birthday Announcements!

According to Band App, there is one birthday this week!

Happy Birthday Raechyl Owens (5/20)!

Let's have a great week everyone!


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