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Weekly Update (3/14- 3/18)

This is your weekly MUSIC DEPARTMENT update!

Hello Folks!

If you see a member of the BCMS Symphonic Band, be sure to give them your Congratulations for earning Straight Excellents at Middle School Concert MPA! Mr. Keel and the Middle School Band worked hard to achieve, and I think this is only the beginning of lot of successes to come!

Please don't forget about the EMERGENCY MANDATORY PARENT MEETING tomorrow at 6:30pm in the HS Band Room

This meeting is for the Band Trip which will be happening April 29th and 30th, to coincide with Wind Ensemble's State MPA Run. All Band Parents and Students of Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Percussion, Colorguard, and Majorettes need to plan to go. If you cannot make it for whatever reason, reach out to Booster President Elena Lowther at

Dairy Queen Band Night was also super successful, raising over $2500 in one go! I think the community was really engaged with it, and it was cool getting to play some marching/ pep band tunes again. Go Band!

Speaking of fundraisers, one of our biggest earning fundraisers will begin tomorrow! The Middle School and High School Bands will be beginning the Krispy Kreme Fundraiser starting tomorrow! The classes will get information tomorrow during class. After they have received the info, they may begin selling freely! Yay!

Please also don't forget about the 22-23 High School Band Parent Meeting on Friday at 6:00pm.

This meeting is to go over all pertinent information for next year's marching band. The 8th grade band parents will also be joining us.

March at- a- glance


Leadership Monday!March 14th- 3pm to 5pm

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser Begins!March 14th

Mandatory 22-23 High School Band Parent MeetingMarch 18th- 6:00pm

Leadership Monday!March 21st- 3pm to 5pm

Majorette Mandatory Parent MeetingMarch 22nd- 6pm

Music Ensemble Auditions BeginMarch 28th

Leadership Monday!March 28th- 3pm to 5pm

Colorguard ClinicsMarch 28th- 5pm to 6:15pm

Colorguard ClinicsMarch 30th- 2:45pm to 4pm


Wind Ensemble RehearsalMarch 24th- 3pm to 5pm

Wind Ensemble RehearsalMarch 31st- 3pm to 5pm



Things to Note 🎵:

Music Ensemble Auditions

Music Ensemble Auditions which will determine placement in Wind Ensemble for the 2022-23 School Year will begin March 28th. The number of musicians in Wind Ensemble will stay about the same and most students entering the band next year will be placed in Symphonic Band as a result. This is good news for both ensembles! Wind Ensemble will be very competitive, and Symphonic Band will increase dramatically in size! Requirements for this audition will come out in February, but students can prepare by working on the following Scales in 2 octaves All State Pattern: G, C, F Bb, Eb, Ab, Db.

Band Booster Scholarships

Now available are the Band Booster Scholarship Applications! One Scholarship is for any student in our Band Program who would like to go to a summer music camp! All Drum Major Candidates are required to apply for this option, but all my students are encouraged to apply. The money from this helps to pay for a trip to a summer music camp of your choosing. Summer Music Camps are a life- changing experience where you can learn how to become a strong musician and make great friends with students from across the state. For more info about the scholarship, click the link below.

Summer Music Camp Scholarship Application 2021 - 2022
Download DOCX • 23KB

The other scholarship is the Senior Scholarship which is $1000 for any Senior going off to college or to a trade school. This money can be used to offset the cost of any books, tuition, or school supplies. This is the EASIEST scholarship for any band senior to apply to, and applications are due April 1st, 2022. For more info, click the link below.

Senior Scholarship Application 2021 - 2022
Download DOCX • 27KB

Leadership Book 2022

If you are interested in Leadership, you will need to purchase the book "7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens" by Sean Covey. Every year, Leadership uses a text to learn to understand leadership concepts. Leadership Mondays begin on Monday, March 7th from 3pm to 5pm. Students must attend all Leadership Mondays to be considered for a position.

Please read the following chapters by each date:

March 7th- "Get in the Habit" and "Paradigms and Principles"

March 14th- "The Personal Bank Account" and "Habit 1- Be Proactive"

March 21st- "Habit 2- Begin with the End in Mind" and "Habit 3- Put First Things First"

March 28th- "The Relationship Bank Account" and "Habit 4- Think Win- Win"

April 4th- "Habit 5- Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood" and "Habit 6- Synergize"

April 11th- "Habit 7- Sharpen the Saw" and "Keep Hope Alive"

After School Activities this Week:


  • Leadership Monday!

    • Please have read: "The Personal Bank Account" and "Habit 1- Be Proactive"

    • Homework Due:

      • 7 Habits Tree

      • Principles Worksheet

      • Self Paradigm Assessment

      • Be Ready to talk about 2 Baby Steps

  • Emergency Mandatory Parent Meeting @ 6:30pm in HS Band Room


  • No Activities Scheduled


  • No Activities Scheduled


  • State Solo and Ensemble MPA (During School)


  • Mandatory 22-23 High School Band Parent Meeting! @ 6pm in HS Band Room

Birthday Announcements!

By the way, I base birthday announcements on what I can see on the Band App, so if you would like to be recognized for your birthday on the weekly announcements, please make sure your Birthday is set to PUBLIC on the Band App.

According to Band App, there is ONE birthday this week!

Happy Birthday, Abigail Dunning (3/14)!

Let's have a great week everyone!


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