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Weekly Update (12/5- 12/9)

This is your weekly MUSIC DEPARTMENT update!

Hello Folks!

Makenna and I are back from FSU Tri- State! It was a very fun and education experience for both of us! Be sure to ask Makenna about all the things she learned from her experience! What an honor, being the first student (at least in recent Baker County history) to attend!

This week is sure to be hectic, so mentally prepare yourself! But if everything works out, the Music Department will be mostly done with our Christmas Obligations on Thursday!


Have you Submitted your Deposit for Busch Gardens/ Tampa?

If you have not, but still really want to go, I recommend talking to Mrs. Luke or Mrs. Lowther.

Deposits were due November 30th.


November/ December at- a- glance


Music Department Christmas PartyDecember 15th- 2:30pm- 5pm

BCMS Christmas ConcertDecember 15th- 6:30pm


A Christmas Festival Joint Rehearsal (WE, SYM, PERC, CHOIR & ALUMNI)– December 5th- 3pm to 6pm

Christmas Concert Dress Rehearsal (WE, SYM, PERC, & CHOIR)December 6th- 3pm to 6pm


BCHS Christmas Concert (Click for Tickets)December 8th- 4pm Call Time/ 6:30pm Concert Begins

Breakfast with Santa (Jazz Band Performs)(Click for Tickets) December 10th- 7:30am Call Time

Jazz Performance at Sanderson Christian Revival CenterDecember 11th- 9:30am Call Time

Chorus Performance at St. Mary's Catholic Church-- December 16th- 6:00pm Call Time


Things to Note 🎵:

Concert Attire

This is everyone’s reminder to take care of their concert attire:

Concert Attire- Wind Ensemble

Men- In addition to your tux shirt and pants (you can purchase any Tuxedo shirt and tuxedo pants) , you need to purchase this vest as a part of your concert attire.

Ladies- if you haven’t already, you need to purchase your Corelli Dress from Southeastern Apparel. Do this soon so that in case there are any errors you can exchange your dress for the right size. At this time, the band is not planning to do a group order. If you need help with sizing (first ask your parent) you can ask a Drum Major and they should be able to help you. You can also ask veterans and alumni to see if they have outgrown their dress and if you might be able to purchase it from them.

Concert Attire- Symphonic Band

For Concert Performances, students must arrive dressed in:

• Black Long Sleeve Button Down Dress Shirt

• Black Tuxedo Pants (Slacks)

• Black Dress Socks

• Black Dress Shoes (Marching Shoes are acceptable)

If anyone has difficulty acquiring any of these items, please reach out to Mr. Moore immediately.


After School Activities this Week:


  • A Christmas Festival Joint Rehearsal (WE, SYM, PERC, CHOIR & ALUMNI)

    • 3pm to 6pm (WE, SYM, PERC, ALUMNI)

    • 5:30pm to 6pm (CHOIR)


  • Christmas Concert Dress Rehearsal (WE, SYM, PERC, & CHOIR) – 3pm to 6pm

    • Remember, the term "Dress Rehearsal" in this case does not mean to arrive in your concert attire.

    • This rehearsal is in the Cafetorium.


  • No Activities Scheduled



  • No Activities Scheduled



  • Jazz Performance at Sanderson Christian Revival Center – 9:30am Call Time

Birthday Announcements!

By the way, I base birthday announcements on what I can see on the Band App, so if you would like to be recognized for your birthday on the weekly announcements, please make sure your Birthday is set to PUBLIC on the Band App.

According to Band App, there are no birthdays this week.... but it appears I missed a Birthday last week! Whoops! 😅

Happy Birthday to Gracie Waters (11/30)!

Let's have a great week everyone!


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