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Weekly Update (12/14- 12/18)

This is your weekly MUSIC DEPARTMENT update!

Hello Folks!

We are pretty much done! I’m so proud of everyone for their performance last Thursday! There was SO MUCH good. You all should be proud of yourselves for how well the performances came together!

Now we get to prepare for Solo and Ensemble and Concert MPA. Yipee!! During Class time this week (in lieu of final exams) we will be taking a look at some options for MPA so please do not forget your instrument!

I’m glad we’ll be able to share in the celebration this Thursday at our Music Department Christmas Party in the Band Room! Please plan to be there, students! It’ll be a fun event!

Things to Note ♫ :

December at- a- glance


Music Department Christmas Party- December 17th- 3pm to ~6pm


None remaining for 2020!


None remaining for 2020!

After School Activities This Week:


· No After School Activities


· No After School Activities


· No After School Activities


· Music Department Christmas Party- 3pm

o Please sign up to bring items!


· No After School Activities

Birthday Announcements!

According to Charms/ Band App, there are five birthdays this week and one over Christmas break!

Happy Birthday to Erica Roth (12/14), Taylor Clevenger (12/15), Emily Davis (12/16), Emma Knight (12/16), Elijah Platz (12/18), and Wyatt Kittrell (12/23)!

Let's have a great week everyone!


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