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Weekly Update 11/9- 11/13

This is your weekly MUSIC DEPARTMENT update!

Hello Folks!

Welcome to Concert Season!! I am elated to work with all of you to put on as high of quality of a Christmas Concert as possible! I think we have some good literature picked out and that our concert is going to be amazing! The theme for this Christmas Concert is “Home for the Holidays”. And we’ll be playing several Christmas tunes that tie in with that theme.

Some other information— as of now, and after a discussion with administration, the band will not be participating in the community event being held in the stead of the Lighted Christmas Parade. The Band Boosters has also voted to cancel the annual Breakfast with Santa event.

In other news, the band has a brand new website! A lot of it is still under construction, but over time we hope to make it a hub for our band’s activities and more. The domain will change soon, but currently you can find it at: Go check it out!

Things to Note ♫ :

November at- a- glance



NFHB Required Mock Auditions (MS & HS)- CANCELLED

NFHB Recording Sessions- CANCELLED


Wind Ensemble Rehearsal- November 10th- 3pm to 5pm

Symphonic Band Rehearsal- November 12th- 3pm to 5pm

Wind Ensemble Rehearsal- November 17th- 3pm to 5pm

Symphonic Band Rehearsal- November 19th- 3pm to 5pm


Home vs. TBA (Playoff Series)- November 13th- (CANCELLED)

Nov 27th Playoff Sign Up

There could potentially be a game on November 27th pending the outcome of some upcoming playoff games. This is a sign up to see who would be interested in playing at this game. Students will earn extra credit.

Wind Ensemble Attire

Men- I need to apologize up front because I realize now this is not in the Band Handbook— however, in addition to your tux shirt and pants, you need to purchase this vest as a part of your concert attire. I recommend taking advantage of Black Friday Savings. S.H. Churchill & Co. Men's 4 Piece Vest Set, with Bow Tie, Neck Tie & Pocket Hankie

Ladies- if you haven’t already, you need to purchase your Corelli Dress from Southeastern Apparel. Do this soon so that in case there are any errors you can exchange your dress for the right size. At this time, the band is not planning to do a group order. If you need help with sizing (first ask your parent) you can ask Wendy or Allie, and they should be able to help you.

North Florida Honor Band

Another Change--- North Florida Honor Band has officially been postponed…. I will provide more information whenever I receive it.

Band Concession Stand Sign Up

A Reminder: Parents that are involved with the Baker County Band Boosters, Chaperoning, ECT for 20 hours or more AND work at the Breakfast with Santa will earn a $50 Band Dues Credit if they owe any remaining band dues.

This includes working the band concession stands for Friday Night Football!

If you’d like to sign up, follow this link:

Google Classroom

This year, all of my classes will be utilizing Google Classroom regardless of doing virtual. If you are in 1st Period Chorus, please join this class: kjklsux If you are in 2nd Period Wind Ensemble, please join this class: vcltcyf If you are in 3rd Period Symphonic Band, please join this class: tlwjp55 If you are in 4th Period Percussion, please join this class: xdm7umz If you are in 6th Period Jazz Band, please join this class: fiq43ub

After School Activities This Week:


· No After School Activities


· Wind Ensemble Rehearsal- 3pm to 5pm

o (Percussion Needed 3pm to 4pm)

§ First Hour to be spent on “I Am” w/ Percussion


· No After School Activities


· Symphonic Band Rehearsal- 3pm to 5pm

o (Percussion Needed 3pm to 4pm)


· No After School Activities (The Game this week has been cancelled).

Birthday Announcements!

According to Charms/ Band App, there are two birthdays this week!

Happy Birthday to Hannah Peil (11/12) and Emily Conner (11/13)!

Let's have a great week everyone!


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