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Weekly Update (10/24- 10/29)

This is your weekly MUSIC DEPARTMENT update!

Hello Folks!

There is 1 rehearsal remaining until Music Performance Assessment. You need to be present.



It’s going to be a really busy week, but I promise you we are gonna make it!

Let’s break it down.



On Thursday, we have two parades—the NEFSH Parade and the Homecoming Parade. One will be during the school day, and the other is after school.

NEFSH Parade-- I will have you called to the band room (around 9 or so) for the NEFSH Parade. We will don our Uniforms and then bus over to the Florida State Hospital to perform. We will perform then head back to the high school. Please come to school dressed as closely to your under uniform (Band Shirt, Band Shorts, Black Socks, Band Shoes) as possible. I understand we may not wish to wear band shorts and shoes to school, which is fine, but you need to be able to change QUICKLY into them. These events get too hot to be wearing anything else under your uniform.

Homecoming Parade-- After School, your call time for the parade will be 4:00pm behind the old courthouse which you can find near the corner of E Shuey Ave and S Second Street. Uniforms will be donned here, and then we will warm up and march the parade. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT STUDENTS DRINK PLENTY OF WATER AND HYDRATE BEFORE ARRIVING AT THE PARADE. WATER IS NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL WE ARRIVE AT THE FOOTBALL STADIUM. Once we arrive at the football stadium, we will dismiss immediately.



On Friday, we have the Football Game. It is also Rookie Night, Senior Night, and Homecoming! We will perform our halftime show post- game.

Rookie Night—Students from BCMS Band will be joining us in the stands. Please be very aware of your behavior and what you say, as well as the implications of what you say. Have a good attitude. Being negative or failing to adequately portray our band program could land you in serious trouble. It’s easy to forget how influential you may be to these students. One negative comment or one action that is perceived as negative can end a future Wildcat’s entire High School Band career. Something like that is unforgivable. In general, just be positive. We’ll talk about this more in band class.

Senior Night-- Seniors should still meet us at the Band Room. There, you will be pinned. We will make it to the Stadium with plenty of time to spare for you to get in line for the Senior Night festivities.



MPAThe itinerary for this event is posted HERE. You should plan to bring money to spend on concessions. About $20 to $30 is plenty. I have not received a concessions menu from Santa Fe. Chaperone spots are limited and will be going first to parents who volunteer at the band concession stand. I believe ticket purchases will be done in person.

MPA is important because there are so many traditions that happen that day. We will be spending a lot of time together as a band that day, so please plan to be present the whole day.

Pasta Potluck—Please sign up HERE to bring something to the Pasta Potluck! This is staple MPA tradition where our band families bring pasta and desserts for us all to enjoy together. It connects our households and our hearts. Please be sure to sign up if you plan to bring something. We would like to avoid too much of the same thing being brought to the potluck. A reminder: You don’t need to bring a band sized portion of pasta. Just cook enough for your family and maybe just a little more than that. If the sign up fills up, that should be plenty of food. If you sign up to bring bread, bring enough for 2 families (we like to eat bread). If you sign up to bring soda bring at least two 2 liters or 2 boxes of cans. If you sign up to bring dessert, bring enough for 1 family. If you sign up to bring paper products, bring enough for 1 family.

Senior Speeches—Seniors, each year, each student in the band’s the senior class gives a speech to the band. These speeches can be funny or sentimental. It’s our seniors’ last opportunity to address the band and say something meaningful. The only rule is that you may not be disrespectful. Take the time to think about what you want to say. You can write it down. Don’t plan on not doing a speech—the band probably won’t let you not speak. Parents, please understand that if individual Seniors wish to kick adults out of the room, that is a courtesy that has always been extended to them, and we will respect it if they wish.

Senior Wills-- Seniors, each year, a publication of the Senior Wills goes out for students to read on the bus ride to MPA. You should submit your Senior Will using the link on the band app (or the link HERE). You can leave funny or meaningful things to any student or staff member in the band. What you bequeath does not have to be a real item—it can be a joke, or a sort role you played in the band (ie. The math wiz, or the comedian). Be sure you submit this before Friday!


October at- a- glance




The Last Marching After School Rehearsal of 22/23October 25th- 4pm to 7pm


NEFESH ParadeOctober 27th- During School

Homecoming ParadeOctober 27th- 4:00pm @ Old Courthouse (Corner of E Shuey Ave and S Second St)

HOME vs. Fernandina Beach HS (Senior Night/ Rookie Night/ Homecoming)October 28th- 4pm

HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING MPA (Click for Itinerary)– October 29th- 9:00am


Things to Note 🎵:

Sign Up to Volunteer at Away Games/ Competitions

Band Parents--

If you'd like to volunteer to chaperone for away football games or competitions, please utilize this sign up. Thanks!

Marching Music Performance Assessment

Music Performance Assessment will be at Santa Fe High School on Saturday, October 29th! Here is a link to the itinerary which will be updated periodically as we get closer to the performance date.

Concert Attire

This is everyone’s reminder to take care of their concert attire:

Concert Attire- Wind Ensemble

Men- In addition to your tux shirt and pants (you can purchase any Tuxedo shirt and tuxedo pants) , you need to purchase this vest as a part of your concert attire.

Ladies- if you haven’t already, you need to purchase your Corelli Dress from Southeastern Apparel. Do this soon so that in case there are any errors you can exchange your dress for the right size. At this time, the band is not planning to do a group order. If you need help with sizing (first ask your parent) you can ask a Drum Major and they should be able to help you. You can also ask veterans and alumni to see if they have outgrown their dress and if you might be able to purchase it from them.

Concert Attire- Symphonic Band

For Concert Performances, students must arrive dressed in:

• Black Long Sleeve Button Down Dress Shirt

• Black Tuxedo Pants (Slacks)

• Black Dress Socks

• Black Dress Shoes (Marching Shoes are acceptable)

If anyone has difficulty acquiring any of these items, please reach out to Mr. Moore immediately.


After School Activities this Week:


  • No Activities Scheduled (Band Room Closes Immediately After School)


  • The Last Marching After School Rehearsal of 22/23 – 4pm to 7pm


  • Woodwind Sectional- 3pm to 5pm


  • NEFSH Parade- During School

  • Homecoming Parade – 4:00pm Call Time @ Old Courthouse (corner of E Shuey Ave and S Second Street)


  • HOME vs Fernandina Beach HS (Senior Night) (Rookie Night) (Homecoming)- 3:00pm Call Time

    • Please note the earlier call time.


Birthday Announcements!

By the way, I base birthday announcements on what I can see on the Band App, so if you would like to be recognized for your birthday on the weekly announcements, please make sure your Birthday is set to PUBLIC on the Band App.

According to Band App, there are two birthdays this week!

Happy Birthday Kierra Martin (10/24), and Baileigh Griffis (10/30)!

Let's have a great week everyone!


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