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Weekly Update (1/9- 1/14)

This is your weekly MUSIC DEPARTMENT update!

Hello Folks!

Happy New Year!

Also, at the risk of offending any Titan's Fans, GO JAGS! We are the AFC South champs!

On Wednesday, Makenna Payne, Mr. Keel, and I will be traveling down to Tampa, FL to attend the Florida Music Educators Association Conference. Please wish Makenna luck as she goes to represent us in performance in the All State Honors Band.

For everyone else, this is going to be an opportunity for the band to learn the notes and rhythms of all of our MPA music. When I return, we will be kicking off our rehearsal series in preparation for the MPA's so it will be crucial that we can already play our music at a rudimentary level so we can start the process of refinement.

Though the calendar isn't crazy for everyone like it was during marching season, this part of the year is the most important. Everyone (students AND PARENTS) need to be on board with helping us be successful for MPA.

For students, this looks like:

  • Being on time and present at all after school rehearsals and performances.

  • Practicing music outside of class time regularly.

  • Staying on top of work for other classes/ obligations.

  • Being kind and helpful towards peers.

  • Having a positive attitude and "acting like you want to be there" even if you don't.

  • Taking proper care of your instrument/ not dropping it.

  • and more.

For parents, this looks like:

  • Making sure your students are on time and present at after school rehearsals and performances and holding them accountable at home.

  • Checking the calendar to ensure that all appointments/ family obligations are not on the same day/ time as band events.

  • Making sure your students are effectively practicing their instrument at home (by the way, if what they are playing sounds amazing right away, then they probably are not actually practicing).

  • Attending booster meetings.

  • Making plans to see your child perform.

I'm ready to have a fun Concert MPA season with everyone! Let's all work hard to reach new heights!


January/ February at- a- glance


Band Booster MeetingJanuary 10th- 6:30pm

Florida Music Educators ConferenceJanuary 11th- 14th

Band Booster MeetingFebruary ?th- 6:30pm

Dairy Queen Band NightFebruary 13th

Band Booster MeetingMarch 7th- 6:30pm

Middle School Concert MPAMarch 9th- 11th- 6pm- 8pm


Symphonic Band RehearsalJanuary 17th- 3pm- 5pm

Wind Ensemble RehearsalJanuary 19th- 4pm- 6pm

Symphonic Band RehearsalJanuary 24th- 3pm- 5pm

Wind Ensemble RehearsalJanuary 26th- 4pm- 6pm

NFHB Rehearsal @ UCHSJanuary 31st- 5:30pm- 8pm

NFHB Rehearsal @ UCHSFebruary 2nd- 1pm- 5pm

NFHB Rehearsal @ UCHSFebruary 3rd- Throughout the Day

Wind Ensemble Rehearsal w/ Professor CreswellFebruary 9th- 4pm- 6pm

Symphonic Band RehearsalFebruary 14th- 3pm- 5pm

Wind Ensemble Rehearsal w/ Artie CliftonFebruary 23rd- 4pm- 6pm

Symphonic Band RehearsalFebruary 28th- 3pm- 5pm

Wind Ensemble RehearsalMarch 2nd- 3pm- 6pm


NFHB Performance @ UCHSFebruary 2nd- Time TBA

Solo and Ensemble/ Jazz Pre MPA ConcertFebruary 7th- 6pm- 8pm

Jazz Band MPA Lunchtime PerformanceFebruary 14th- 12pm- 1pm

JAZZ MPA-- February 16th- Call Time: TBA

SOLO AND ENSEMBLE MPA-- February 17th/18th- Call Times: TBA

BCMS/BCHS Pre- MPA ConcertFebruary 21st- 4:00pm Call Time

Symphonic Band Lunchtime MPA PerformanceFebruary 27th- 12pm- 1pm

Wind Ensemble Lunchtime MPA PerformanceFebruary 28th- 12pm- 1pm

HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT MPA-- March 3rd/ 4th- Call Time: TBA


Things to Note 🎵:



After School Activities this Week:


  • No Activities Scheduled


  • Band Booster Meeting- 6:30pm


  • No Activities Scheduled


  • No Activities Scheduled


  • No Activities Scheduled

Birthday Announcements!

By the way, I base birthday announcements on what I can see on the Band App, so if you would like to be recognized for your birthday on the weekly announcements, please make sure your Birthday is set to PUBLIC on the Band App.

According to Band App, there are no birthdays this week.... but there were two Birthdays last week!

Happy Birthday to Dakota Conaway- Ellis (1/5) and Kaitlyn Dinkins (1/6)!

Let's have a great week everyone!


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