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Weekly Update (1/30- 2/4)

This is your weekly MUSIC DEPARTMENT update!

Hello Folks!

This week is a hair wild! 🤪 Or perhaps it's a wild hare. 🧐

Let's break it down.

Monday, Mr. Moore will be at BCMS all day. All classes are expected to work on either:

  • Practicing the Q.P. #5 requirement. (Translation: Practicing your Concert MPA Music individually or in Sectionals)

  • Submitting Q.P. #5 on Flipgrid or recording it to submit later. (Translation: recording yourself playing a section of your MPA music)

  • Practicing your Solo and Ensemble literature for the concert on Tuesday 2/7 (if you do not have anything prepared to play for this concert, you are still expected to attend the concert, but there will be an alternative assignment for you so that you may earn credit).

  • Practicing the NFHB music if you are in NFHB

Tuesday, Mr. Dirk Schmidt will be visiting the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Bands. Be ready.

There is also an NFHB rehearsal this day. We will leave at 3:30pm and stop by Wendy's beforehand. Please bring $$$.

Wednesday, Mr. Moore will be gone again due to NFHB duties. This is a short day. Sectionals are recommended.

Thursday, NFHB students are to report to the Band Room at 10:30am. We leave at 11:00am to get Wendy's then head off to Union County.

Friday, NFHB students must report to the band room first thing at 7:30pm. Do not go to class. You need to bring your Concert Attire and you need to be wearing your NFHB shirt. Concert begins at 7:00pm. Students need to be picked up from Union County High School as there will be no transportation back to BCHS.

Saturday, Students in Wind Ensemble MAY be going to Florida State University this day. I am trying to nail down answers tomorrow so I can create an itinerary. I appreciate everyone's patience as I work to get answers about this opportunity.

Just keep your schedule organized, and let's push forward into this week with a positive attitude!


January/ February at- a- glance


Band Booster Meeting – February 6th- 6:30pm

Dairy Queen Band Night – February 13th

Band Booster Meeting – March 7th- 6:30pm

Middle School Concert MPA – March 9th- 11th- 6pm- 8pm


NFHB Rehearsal @ UCHS – January 31st- 5:30pm- 8pm

NFHB Rehearsal @ UCHS – February 2nd- 1pm- 5pm

NFHB Rehearsal @ UCHS – February 3rd- Throughout the Day

Wind Ensemble Rehearsal w/ Professor Creswell – February 9th- 4pm- 6pm

Symphonic Band Rehearsal – February 14th- 3pm- 5pm

Wind Ensemble Rehearsal w/ Artie Clifton – February 23rd- 4pm- 6pm

Symphonic Band Rehearsal – February 28th- 3pm- 5pm

Wind Ensemble Rehearsal – March 2nd- 3pm- 6pm


NFHB Performance @ UCHS – February 2nd- 7pm

Solo and Ensemble/ Jazz Pre MPA Concert – February 7th- 6pm- 8pm

Jazz Band MPA Lunchtime Performance – February 14th- 12pm- 1pm

JAZZ MPA-- February 16th- Call Time: 3:30pm

SOLO AND ENSEMBLE MPA-- February 17th/18th- Call Times: TBA

BCMS/BCHS Pre- MPA Concert – February 21st- 4:00pm Call Time

Symphonic Band Lunchtime MPA Performance – February 27th- 12pm- 1pm

Wind Ensemble Lunchtime MPA Performance – February 28th- 12pm- 1pm

HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT MPA-- March 3rd/ 4th- Call Time: 7:00am


Things to Note 🎵:

Slice the Price Card Fundraiser

Please remember!


Jazz MPA Schedule

Concert MPA Schedule


After School Activities this Week:


  • Current Leadership Meeting After School- 3pm


  • NFHB Rehearsal @ Union County High School

    • Call Time: 3:00pm

    • Bus Leaves 3:30pm

    • Approx Return Time: 9:00pm


  • No Activities Scheduled


  • NFHB Rehearsal @ Union County High School

    • Call Time: 10:30am

    • Bus Leaves 11:00am

    • Approx Return Time: 6:00pm


  • NFHB Rehearsal @ Union County High School

    • Call Time: 7:30am

    • Bus Leaves 8:00am

    • Bus will not return to BCHS. Students must be picked up from UCHS.


  • BCHS Wind Ensemble to FSU

    • Details TBA

    • Call Time: Approx 7:00am

Birthday Announcements!

By the way, I base birthday announcements on what I can see on the Band App, so if you would like to be recognized for your birthday on the weekly announcements, please make sure your Birthday is set to PUBLIC on the Band App.

According to Band App, there is one birthday this week!

Happy Birthday to Jaslene Diaz (1/30)!

Let's have a great week everyone!


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