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Pre- MPA @ UNF Itinerary

Updated: Feb 8

February 20th, 2024

Who: All Wind Ensemble Members (including Percussion) and up to 5 Chaperones. Parents are welcome to attend the performance as well-- I've been informed that the event is free admission!

Attire: You must wear your Concert Attire. This is a formal performance, just like District Concert MPA.

You Will Need: Your Instrument (I don't think we need to carry large percussion, but we will need sticks... I will confirm this), Music, and other items necessary to Perform.

Proposed Itinerary:

  • Pizza Time: 3:00pm

  • Call Time: 4:00pm @ BCHS

  • Bus Leaves: 4:15pm

  • Arrive at UNF: approx 5:15pm

  • Watch Sandalwood HS, St. Augustine HS, and Mandarin HS: 5:30pm

  • Warm Up: 8:00pm

  • Performance: 8:30pm

  • Clinic: 9:00pm

  • Depart UNF: approx 10:00pm

  • Return BCHS: approx. 11:00pm

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