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Nease HS Competition Itinerary

October 16th, 2021


  • Call Time : 11:00am @ BCHS

  • Bus Leaves: 12:00pm

  • Arrive at Nease: approx 1:00pm

  • Bathroom/ Dress/ Get Situated: 1:00pm- 1:40pm

  • Stretch and Visual Block: 1:40pm

  • Warm Up: 2:22pm

  • Move to Holding: 2:52pm

  • Gate: 2:57pm

  • Perform: 3:02pm

If BCHS Does NOT Make Finals:

  • Leave Nease: 6:00pm

  • Arrive at BCHS: 7:00pm

If BCHS Makes Finals:

  • Leave Nease: 11:00pm

  • Arrive at BCHS: 12:00am

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