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JU Jazz Festival Itinerary 24

Updated: Apr 3

April 6th, 2024

The JU Jazz Fest is a relatively laidback affair. More than anything it's an opportunity for us to spend time with each other, chill, enjoy other bands, socialize, and put on a good performance. But there is an emphasis on putting on a good performance. You will find that it will be very important for everyone to be present to help put on a thrilling performance. Also-- College professors are watching! 😉

10:00am- Call Time

10:30am- Bus Leaves

Approx 11:30am- Arrival at Jacksonville University; Watch Bands

Approx 1:00pm- Watch JU Jazz

Approx 1:30pm- Go to grab equipment

1:45pm- Get Close to Warm Up Area

2:00pm- Official Warm Up Time

2:30pm- Performance Time

3:00pm- Clinic

3:30pm- Late Lunch at on Campus Chic Fil A 🐔(Bring $$$)

4:30pm- Depart Jacksonville University

Approx 5:30pm- Arrive at BCHS

Provided Info:

Unload/Check-in/ in Terry Concert Hall roundabout: unload in front of Terry Concert Hall. (This is a change from past years. There is no through-access. You can pull into the roundabout, unload, then exit the same way you entered. This will take you directly to the parking area across the street.) If you are taking equipment directly to storage it may be easier to drop-off down the street in front of the Philips Fine Arts Building.


Parking: Busses and cars must park in general parking Lot A directly across from Terry Concert Hall.


Setup/Storage: Instrument setup and storage will be located in Studio North stage, accessed on the east side of the Linda Berry Stine Building (formerly Phillips Fine Arts building). Please see map.


Warm ups:  You will be escorted to warm up area which will be in the Linda Berry Stein Building (formerly Phillips Fine Arts building) band room, or P1 (downstairs). All needed equipment will be provided for warmups.


Scores: 3 photocopies of the scores for the judges are required.

Performance: Student escorts will bring you over to Terry Concert Hall for your performance. 


Performance set: You can perform as many or as few pieces desired as long as in stays under 30 minutes. This includes getting on stage, setup, and getting back off the stage.  


Clinic: Following your performance, you and your band will be escorted to the Swisher theater stage for a clinic.


Equipment: A full complement of equipment will be provided on the Terry Concert Hall stage:

Piano (with mic) 

1 Bass amp

1 Guitar amp

1 drumkit (set to the side) 

4 - 5 mics for the band 

1 announcer mic 

Food Trucks:




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