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Itinerary for State MPA and Universal Trip

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

April 29th- 30th, 2022

Attire: Wind Ensemble Students must bring their Concert Attire. All others must dress "nicer" as they will be attending several concerts. A New Band Shirt will be provided for all trip attendees which must be worn on the day we attend Universal Studios. Please plan to dress light for Universal Studios! It can get really HOT!

Additional Safety:

  • There will be at least 10 Chaperones present.

  • At Hotel, doors will be taped shut and adult chaperones will take turns to monitor student rooms throughout the night. (Students who violate policy and leave room will be sent home immediately).

  • Students will wear brightly colored red shirts for day of trip.

  • All Chaperones will have contact information available, and can directly contact band director


  • Light Fare (Doughnuts, Muffins, Fruit, ect..) will be provided before buses load on Morning 1

  • Pizza will be provided upon arrival at Vero Beach High School on Afternoon 1

  • Dinner on Night 1 will be provided at Hard Rock Cafe

  • Breakfast on Morning 1 will be provided at Hotel

  • Students will need to purchase their own food for Lunch and Dinner at Universal on Day 2.


Day One

  • 6:30am- Call Time at BCHS Band Room

  • 7:00am- Depart for Vero Beach High School

  • (Approx) 9:00am- Band Stops at Buc-ee's Daytona Beach (Tentatively)

  • (Approx) 9:30am- Resume Trip to Nathaniel Traz Stadium in Miami

  • (Approx) 11:30am- Band Arrives at Vero Beach High School

  • 1:45pm- Warm Up

  • 2:15pm- Performance Time

  • 2:45pm- 4:45pm- Listen to Other Bands (Required by State)

  • (Approx) 5:30pm- Depart for Universal City Walk

  • (Approx) 7:30pm- Arrive at Hard Rock Cafe

  • 10:00pm- Depart for Hotel

  • 11:00pm- Lights Out!

Day Two

  • 6:30am- Rise and Shine

  • 7:30am- Depart for Universal Studios

  • (Approx) 8:00am- Arrive at Universal Studios

  • 1:00pm- Photo Check In

  • 5:30pm- Gather at Designated Checkpoint

  • 6:30pm- Load Buses

  • 7:00pm- Depart for BCHS

  • (Approx) 12:00am- Arrive at BCHS

-Map of Route-

-FINAL Bus Roster-

-Student Hotel Rooms List-

-Groups List-

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