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FSU Band Day Itinerary

November 19th, 2022

Attire: For security reasons, wear your Band Shirt. You may wear FSU Ball Caps/ Accessories, but to make you easily identifiable in a crowd, you should wear your band shirt.


  • Call Time: 4:45am @ BCHS

  • Bus Leaves: 5:00am

  • Arrive at FSU: approx 7:00am

  • Watch Continuity Rehearsal: 7:30pm

    • Watch Marching Chiefs do their final rehearsal on gameday.

  • Watch Legacy Walk: 9:30am

    • This is your opportunity to see the coaches and players up close as they enter the stadium.

  • Watch Skull Session: 9:45am

    • Enjoy performances from each section as they perform their own arrangements of popular music.

  • March Over: 11:00am

    • A Marching Chiefs tradition where the band marches down Chieftain Way to enter the stadium.

  • Pregame Show: 11:40am

    • A traditional marching band pregame show featuring outstanding FSU traditions including Chief Osceola riding Renegade.

  • Kickoff: 12:00pm

  • Return BCHS: approx. 6:00pm

Please review the Stadium Policies HERE. Please take note of the Prohibited Items and the Clear Bag Policy.


Because of the timing of this event, we will not be able to make stops for food or get food on campus in any organized way. I recommend students eat or bring a breakfast to eat on the bus ride. Students will be allowed to visit Concessions Stands at Doak Campbell Stadium, however MOST CONCESSIONS STANDS AT FSU DO NOT ACCEPT CASH. Please plan accordingly.

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