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Weekly Update (3/8- 3/12)

This is your weekly MUSIC DEPARTMENT update!

Hello Folks!

This is one of those weeks where March gets CRAZY! Try to keep up!

Leadership Fridays have been changed to MONDAYS now, so we have a Leadership Meeting tomorrow. This said, some of you will notice that the 18th is still a “Leadership Thursday”. This is correct. It needs to be Leadership Thursday because we will have a Wind Ensemble Rehearsal on Monday, March 15th.

Tuesday and Thursday are recording days for MPA! Arrive on time, and we can be done fast. We now know the recording process, so we’ll move much faster than Jazz did.

THIS FRIDAY is NFHB Recording Day! If you would like to do NFHB, you need to come record your audition this day!


Krispy Kreme Money is due this Friday! Don’t let people tell you they’ll buy some later— THIS Friday is the last day!! Try to sell 15 Boxes or more, so we can go to the Zoo!

Things to Note ♫ :

March at- a- glance


Leadership Mondays! - March 8th- 3pm to 5pm

NFHB Recording Day! - March 12th- 6:00pm

Colorguard/ Majorette Parent Meeting- March 15th- 6:30pm

Band Booster BWS Special Meeting- March 16th– 6:30pm (Location TBA)

Leadership Thursday! - March 18th- 3pm to 5pm

Spring Spruce Up! (Volunteer Hour Eligible)March 19th- 10am to 5pm

Spring Break- March 22nd through March 26th

Leadership Fridays!March 29th- 3pm to 5pm


Wind Ensemble Rehearsal- March 15th (A Monday)- 3pm to 5pm

Symphonic Band Rehearsal- March 16th (A Tuesday)- 3pm to 5pm

Wind Ensemble Rehearsal- March 30th- 3pm to 5pm

Symphonic Band Rehearsal- April 1st - 3pm to 5pm


HS Symphonic MPA Recording Day- March 9th- 6:00pm

HS Wind Ensemble MPA Recording Day- March 11th- 6:00pm

MPA Recording Dates

The Concert and Jazz MPA Recording Dates have been added to the calendar!

HS Jazz Ensemble MPA Recording Day- March 4th- 6:00pm

HS Symphonic MPA Recording Day- March 9th- 6:00pm

HS Wind Ensemble MPA Recording Day- March 11th- 6:00pm

For these dates, the students involved will be expected to report at 5:45pm IN THEIR CONCERT UNIFORM to get set up. The bands will be Video Recorded, so it is important that students take care to be in their proper uniform. We will then record our MPA Literature as quickly as possible. Students will be reminded that multiple takes of a piece are not advised because we want to have good chops for all our pieces. We will only take as much time as needed to record.

Parents/ Families of Seniors will be invited to come watch their student perform live free of charge. For others, the band recordings will be made available on the band website. Visitors will be expected to remain COMPLETELY silent or be removed from the band hall. Cellular devices and other devices which can make noise must be turned off/ silenced. Small Children must be kept home.


NFHB Recording Day is on Friday, March 12th in the High School Band Room. We will work to quickly process all Middle School and High School auditions. If you are unable to record on this date, please arrange a time with Mr. Moore on an earlier date to complete your audition. The cost to audition is $15.00! (Due at time of recording).

On Thursday, April 15th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm is the first Rehearsal at Union County HS.

On Friday, April 16th starting at 9:30am is the Full Day at Union County High School with the concert to be held at 7:00pm.

The audition music can be found here.

Binder Check This Week:

· 1st Period- No Check this Friday.

· 2nd Period- No Check this Friday.

· 3rd Period- No Check this Friday.

· 4th Period- No Check this Friday.

· 6th Period- No Check this Friday.

(Rhythms and Binder checks will resume next week.)

After School Activities This Week:


· Leadership Mondays!- 3pm to 5pm

o Wooden Book: Building Block 4- 8


· HS Symphonic Band Recording Day- 6:00pm

o Show up on time so we can finish faster.


· No After School Activities


· HS Wind Ensemble Band Recording Day- 6:00pm

o Show up on time so we can finish faster.


· NFHB Auditions Recording Day!!- 3pm to around 5:30pm

o Audition Times will be posted later tomorrow.


Birthday Announcements!

According to Charms/ Band App, there are two birthdays this week!

Happy Birthday to Kelsey Walker (3/9) and Wendy Bryan (3/11)!!

Let's have a great week everyone!


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