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Weekly Update (3/15- 3/19)

This is your weekly MUSIC DEPARTMENT update!

Hello Folks!

I thought this week was going to be crazy, but I suspect it won’t be bad as initially thought.

Each of you should receive and email from “Cut Time” soon, inviting you to register. PLEASE DO THIS.

If you do not recieve an email, follow this link and register.

On April 14th, Charms will be defunct for us, and Cut Time will be our band’s new organizational program. If you choose not to register, you will not receive emails from me anymore (and that would be really really bad! ☹). Down the line it will also be how we track forms, checked out items, and other important things.

There are both STUDENT and PARENT accounts and they should be linked. When you register, please make sure that the information that has been put in is correct (especially your Home/ Mobile Phone and email!) Students, the email put in currently is your school email. Please change it to your MOST CHECKED email (so if you check your personal email more, you need to set it to that.)

I will be updating you more on Cut Time as we move on, but I think Cut Time will be a lot more user friendly. 😊

Things to Note ♫ :

March at- a- glance


Leadership Mondays! - March 8th- 3pm to 5pm

NFHB Recording Day! - March 12th- 6:00pm

Colorguard/ Majorette Parent Meeting- March 15th- 6:30pm

Leadership Thursday! - March 18th- 3pm to 5pm

Spring Spruce Up! (Volunteer Hour Eligible)March 19th- 10am to 5pm

Spring Break- March 22nd through March 26th

Leadership Mondays!March 29th- 3pm to 5pm

Band Booster BWS Special Meeting- March 30th


Wind Ensemble Rehearsal- (CANCELLED)

Symphonic Band Rehearsal- (CANCELLED)

Wind Ensemble Rehearsal- March 30th- 3pm to 5pm

Symphonic Band Rehearsal- April 1st - 3pm to 5pm


Spring Spruce Up

On Friday, March 19th, we will be having a spring spruce up day! Help is needed as we make an effort to really power clean our band room. If you’re interested in helping out, please sign up here! (You can earn volunteer hours!!)

Binder Check This Week:

· 1st Period- No Check this Friday.

· 2nd Period- No Check this Friday.

· 3rd Period- No Check this Friday.

· 4th Period- No Check this Friday.

· 6th Period- No Check this Friday.

After School Activities This Week:


· No After School Activities

· Colorguard/ Majorette Parent Meeting (6:30pm)

· (Wind Ensemble Rehearsal CANCELLED)


· Doughnut Day!- 3pm to 5pm (Or whenever last box is distributed)

o Doughnuts will be organized by name for students or parents to come by, grab, and go.

o Orders made out to Teachers at the High School will be distributed during the day as long as they are present.

· (Symphonic Band Rehearsal CANCELLED)

· (BCMS Breakfast w/ Santa Special Meeting RESECHEDULED for March 30th)


· No After School Activities


· Leadership Thursday!- 3pm to 5pm


· Planning Day!

· Spring Spruce Up!

o 10am to 5pm

o Volunteers will be fed pizza lunch.

Birthday Announcements!

According to Charms/ Band App, there are no birthdays this week… ☹

Let's have a great week everyone!


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