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RJ Clines Makes 11-12 All State Orchestra!

It is my sincere pleasure to inform you that we have had a Baker County HS Band student make the Florida 11-12 All State Orchestra!!

This is the first time Baker County has had a student make the All State Ensemble by the merit of just their own playing ability!

To earn a spot in this ensemble, had to demonstrate a high level of proficiency on their instrument including the ability to play 7 major scales in 4 octaves in 2 minutes, a chromatic scale, a prepared piece, and a sight reading exercise that the musician must interpret in only 30 seconds and then play as perfectly as possible.

Who better to represent BCHS than RJ Clines?

RJ Clines is a Senior and is an incredible musician. RJ currently serves as the BCHS Wildcat Pride Marching Band Band Captain. RJ plays both French Horn and Piano and consistently earns superior ratings in Solo and Ensemble on Grade 6 and 7 music (the hardest music available to play by Florida Bandmaster Standards). RJ has been an amazing asset to our band for his musicianship, and it has been an honor to see how much he has grown in his pursuit of musical excellence!

One proud band director here! And this is just another reason why it’s BETTER IN BAKER!

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