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Jazz MPA Itinerary

Updated: Feb 8

Jazz MPA is on Thursday, February 15th, 2024. Spectators may attend free of charge! Come support the BCHS Jazz Ensemble!

3:30pm- Call Time (Pizza will be provided for students)

4:30pm- Bus Leaves

Approx. 5:30pm- Arrival at Buchholz HS

6:30pm- Warm Up

7:30pm- Performance Time

8:30pm- Watch Bands/ Wait for Ratings

Approx 9:30pm- Leave Buchholz HZ

Approx 10:30pm- Arrive at BCHS

Jazz MPA
Download PDF • 119KB
Jazz MPA map
Download PDF • 602KB

Other Info

Buses: The best route for buses is to pull through the Buchholz East Bus Shoot (labeled in red on the map). Once students have been dropped off, buses will then need to move towards the back of the parent and guest parking lot (labeled with school buses on the map). 

Trailers: The ideal unloading spot is labeled in blue on the map. Once trailers are unloaded, they must park in the area labeled with trailers on the map. 

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