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Band Handbook 2021-22

The 2021-22 Handbook is now finalized. Remember that it is a living document and may be adjusted throughout the year as needed.

Band Handbook 2021- 2022 (Final)
Download PDF • 5.48MB

Changes from Last Year's Handbook:

A Revamp indicates an overhaul of a section—much changed has happened so you should read it.

An Update indicates adjustments for improvement—there has been a change so you should read it.

An ADDED section indicates something completely new, so you should read it.

A REMOVAL indicates that something is no longer there.

Updates as of 8/4/2021:

· Update of Professional Staff Bios (“About Professional Staff”)

· Revamp of Academic Eligibility/ Membership/ Commitment to Band Program (“Academic Eligibility/ Membership/ Commitment to Band Program”)

· Update of Student Staff (“Student Staff”)

· Update of Offenses that could result in Suspension (“Offenses”)

· Update of Language (“Suspension/ Alternation”)

· Revamp of Attendance Policy (“Grading/ Attendance Policy”)

· Update in language of Grading Policy to remove Point System (“Grading/ Attendance Policy”)

· Revamp of Grading Policy (“Grading/ Attendance Policy”)

· Update of Band Camp Dates (“Band Camp”)

· Update of Language in Band Dues (“Band Dues”)

· ADDED Communication (“Communication”)

· REMOVAL “Parent Involvement Incentive” (REASON: Ineffective)

· REMOVAL “Bonus Points Off Chart” (REASON: Ineffective)

· REMOVAL “Bonus Points On Chart” (REASON: Ineffective)

· ADDED “Inclement Weather” (“Inclement Weather”)

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