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Weekly Update (8/9- 8/14)

This is your weekly MUSIC DEPARTMENT update!

Hello Folks!

I am so glad to start this year off with you! Every school year presents its own set of challenges but I think this year will surprise us. After a year like last year, we must pray that we are on an upswing. We have a lot of wonderful activities planned this year! Let’s work hard together to make this year as positive as we can.

By the way, this is the weekly update. Every Week (usually on Saturday or Sunday), I will send out an update that gives you details on what’s going on this week. This will be posted on the Band Website. Please review this update every week. Parents and students are responsible for the information that is included in these updates and for continually reviewing the band calendar. Lateness (forgottenness, in the band world) or absences because of time/ work mismanagement or failure to receive the information has its own penalties in life, not excluding the penalties that might affect your child’s grade. Promptness and professionalism are character traits I intend to teach your band student, and that starts now.

To be early is to be on- time. To be on- time is to be late. To be late is to be forgotten. – Elin Hilderbrand

This week, band students will (hopefully) be in receipt of an attendance card (a card with their name and a barcode) that they will use to scan in to events. Whenever they receive this card, they are responsible for keeping track of it. A replacement card is $2.00, and the Band Captain will be trained on how to reproduce these cards. The scanning process will be quick and it runs through Cuttime, so you can log in to check your child’s band attendance once accounts are completely set up. Students must plan to arrive to events to have enough time to scan in and make it to attendance block in a timely manner. If a student scans in after call time, they will be marked late. If a student scans in after missing more than half of the rehearsal, they will be considered absent. Students who are late because of an approved extra curricular or prior discussed reason will be adjusted in the system and won’t be affected.

Why is attendance important? Marching Band is very much a group activity as much as it is an individual pursuit. When people are not present, it is harder for those students that are present to make the forms on the field that they are trying to learn. It is also harder for the band to collectively make a good overall sound. I am asking for everyone’s committal to prioritizing attendance in band. Thanks!

One more thing! If you look at the calendar, call times for home games are now 4:30pm. You might be used to the 5:00pm call time for home games but I am making this change because we have parents and members of the community that work to feed us before every football game. It is not a good look for our program when we have very few students present when hot meal for 90 people is ready for us to eat. It looks even worse when students walk in late with food from Zaxby’s or McDonalds. I understand that not every meal given to us is necessarily our favorite dish, but we all need to be present to show our appreciation, and we should at least save room to enjoy the food prepared for us. 4:30pm call time, 4:45 food time for every home football game. Call times change for away football games and special events.

Sorry for giving you an essay to read! I promise these usually aren’t so long!!! 😰

August at- a- glance ☀️


3rd Annual Band Movie Night (Social Gathering)August 14th- 5pm


After School Rehearsal -- August 12th- 5pm to 8pm

After School Rehearsal -- August 17th- 5pm to 8pm

After School Rehearsal -- August 19th- 5pm to 8pm

After School Rehearsal -- August 24th- 5pm to 8pm

After School Rehearsal -- August 26th- 5pm to 8pm

After School Rehearsal -- August 31st- 5pm to 8pm


AWAY vs. Bradford HS- August 27th- 4:00 Call Time

HOME vs. Viera HS- September 3rd- 4:30 Call Time

Things to Note 🎵:

Union County Football Game

We will not be attending the Away vs. Union County Football Game on 8/20. This will give us a little bit more time to put together our halftime show.

All State Kiddos

If you are preparing an audition for All State, please let me know by sending me an email at or talking to me in person. All State is fast approaching! Auditions are on September 11th! If you do not know how to play your scales and get through your prepared pieces by this point, you are behind!

Parent Volunteers/ Chaperones

Chaperone sign-ups will be made available on Cut Time. I am actively working on getting Cut Time set up this weekend, so I will announce on the BAND app when it is available and how you can sign in. Remember that to volunteer in any event that is going to have you around students for an extended amount of time, you must complete and turn in a volunteer form per the Baker County School District.

After School Activities this Week:


· Last Day of Summer Break! 👁👄👁


· First Day of School! 😁😁😁

· No Rehearsal Today!🥲


· No Activities Scheduled


· After School Rehearsal – 5pm- 8pm 😆


· No Activities Scheduled


· 3rd Annual Band Movie Night! (Non- Mandatory Social Gathering) 🎥

o 5pm @ The Baker County Duck Pond

Birthday Announcements!

According to Charms/ Band App, there are no birthdays this week… 😔

Let's have a great week everyone!


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