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State Jazz/ Solo & Ensemble MPA Itinerary 2024

Updated: Mar 23

Jazz MPA is on Wednesday, March 27th, 2024 at Deland High School in Deland, FL. Spectators may attend free of charge! Come support the BCHS Jazz Ensemble!

*NOTE: Times are subject to change. We are awaiting official times for Solo and Ensemble events from the FBA, but we need to have an itinerary available to attempt to schedule buses, so we are basing the below itinerary on the time frame I have requested in hopes that we are not scheduled earlier or later. Please keep an eye on this itinerary.

5:00am- Call Time (Load Bus w/ Equipment, not Trailer)

5:30am- Bus Leaves

Approx 6:30am- Arrival at Rest Area 368-370 I-95 S, Hastings FL

Approx 6:40am- Depart Rest Area for Deland High School

Approx 8:00am- Arrival at Deland High School

8:00am- Various Ensembles Warm Up/ Perform (You may wish to bring $$$ but there will not be much here to eat.)

Approx 11:00pm- Papa John's Pizza Lunch Arrives

1:00pm- Start Setting Up for Warm Up (Try to Warm Up on Stage)

1:30pm- Official Warm Up Time (Tentatively)

2:00pm- Jazz Performance Time

Approx 3:30pm- Leave Deland HS

Approx 5:30pm- Arrival at Buc-ee's St. Augustine

Approx 5:50pm- Depart Buc-ee's St. Augustine for BCHS

Approx 6:30pm- Arrive at BCHS

SE Schedule (Updated 3/24)
Download PDF • 77KB

State Jazz Schedule
Download PDF • 141KB

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