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Itinerary for Miami Playoff Game

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

December 3rd, 2021

Attire: Band Students should dress comfortably, but should also dress light enough to be able to wear the Band Uniform.

Additional Safety: We will be accompanied by a Baker County Sheriff during the entirety of our trip.

Food: ALL STUDENTS NEED TO GET LUNCH FROM THE CAFETERIA BEFORE WE LEAVE CAMPUS. Food for about 100 people will be provided on the bus ride, and we are also aiming for food to be provided upon arrival at the stadium. Priority for food goes first to the students, chaperones, and directors. Guests may eat whatever food remains. It is recommended that all bus riders bring light snacks to enjoy throughout the trip.

Bathroom: There will be a Bathroom on the Charter Buses which is to be used for EMERGENCIES ONLY. The Band will make ONE Bathroom Stop on the way to Miami, and ONE Bathroom Stop on the way back to BCHS. Please be mindful of this and be considerate of others.

Entertainment: Passengers may talk on the way to Miami, but no excessively loud noises or yelling is allowed. On the way back home, whispers are allowed but excessive noise is prohibited as people will be trying to sleep. All music must be played through headphones or earbuds. No music/ video games/ sounds may be played using speakers. G or PG movies may be brought turned into the designated person (RJ Clines on Bus 1/ Makenna Payne on Bus 2) on each bus. The students on each bus will vote on which title to watch to select movies.


  • (Tentatively) Sometime before 10:30am- Band is excused from class to get lunch from cafeteria.

  • 10:30am- Band Students/ Guests/ and Chaperones report to Band Room

  • 11:00am- Band Leaves BCHS for Nathaniel Traz Stadium in Miami

  • (Approx) 1:30pm- Band Stops at I-95 South Rest Area in Mims, FL (Near Titusville)

    • Firehouse Subs are distributed to students and chaperones at this time.

  • (Approx) 1:50pm- Resume Trip to Nathaniel Traz Stadium in Miami

  • (Approx) 5:00pm- Band Arrives at Nathaniel Traz Stadium in Miami

  • (Approx) 5:30pm- Pizza Arrives at Stadium for Students and Chaperones.

  • 6:30pm- Band Suits Up/ Constructs Instruments

  • 7:00pm- Band Marches into Stadium

  • 7:30pm- Game Begins

  • (Approx) 10:00pm- Game Ends/ Band Loads Up

  • (Approx) 10:30pm- Band Leaves Nathaniel Traz Stadium in Miami for BCHS

  • (Approx) 4:00am- Band Returns to BCHS

-Map of Route-

-FINAL Bus Roster-


(If your name seems to be missing, just email Mr. Moore at

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